Hands-free thermostatic mixer delivering safety and water control

The new CliniMix Lead Safe CMV2 is the latest hands-free point of use (POU) thermostatic mixer from Galvin Engineering designed to place safety and water control at the forefront.

The CliniMix Lead Safe CMV2 hands-free thermostatic mixer is a high-performance valve designed to deliver safe water temperatures for handwashing. Manufactured to the highest standards, our CMV2 has AS4032.4 approval and is compliant with modern healthcare requirements.

The innovative design featuring hygiene flush, thermal disinfection and smooth tubular spout makes it easy to clean and minimises bacterial growth, both internally and externally.

Available in coloured glass or chrome faceplate finish options, CliniMix Lead Safe CMV2 can be delivered with a wave on/off or proximity sensor activation. The inclusion of our temperature monitoring system provides extremely accurate 24/7 monitoring of water flow and temperature with high speed wireless communications managed through a personalised cloud-based dashboard.


We recognise that each environment is unique. That’s why we’ve designed the CliniMix Lead Safe CMV2 with various options to suit your needs.


Why you should choose the CliniMix Lead Safe CMV2:

1. Perform thermal disinfection without removing front faceplate

The CliniMix Lead Safe CMV2 is designed to reduce the time and effort of completing thermal disinfection. By removing the disinfection key cover on the faceplate and inserting the disinfection key, the process of thermal disinfection can be activated as easy as a flick of a switch. This means no need for opening up the wall cavity, reducing dust and other mess, wear and tear on grub screws and rubber seals, and general damage.

The thermal disinfection can be performed without the need to reset the cartridge.

2. Thermostatically controlled water temperature and scald protection

The TMV operates by regulating the flow of hot and cold water at the inlet, ensuring a constant supply of mixed water at a specified temperature at the outlet. The thermostatic element responds to temperature changes, contracting or expanding to control the passage of hot and cold water into the mixing chamber.

The TMV regulates water temperature to prevent scalding and protect against thermal shock. In the event of either hot or cold water supply failure, the valve will shut down preventing pure hot or pure cold water from reaching the outlet.

3. Point of use

The TMV is positioned right at the outlet. As recommended for infection control, this minimises the dead leg as much as possible and reduces the risk of biofilm build up and bacteria growth.

4. Unique hygiene flush feature for in-situ disinfection

With an adjustable hygiene flush feature, the CMV2 enables automatic activation after a predetermined period of time to flush both the hot and cold water lines. The hygiene flush clears out stagnant water and keeps the tap clean and fresh, as well as assists in the reduction of dead legs leading to a reduction in biofilm and bacterial growth.

5. Lead Safe

The GalvinClear Lead Safe product range has been redesigned and re-engineered to provide safer water delivery by utilising specialist materials such as stainless steel, plastic or polymers that are free of lead, and DZR brass that is low in lead.

We based our definition of Lead Safe on the requirements of s1417 of the USA’s Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), and the relevant US standards NSF61 / NSF372, which has now also been adopted by the ABCB for NCC 2022 Vol. 3 (PCA), Clause A5G4(2). ‘Lead free’ is defined as “not more than a weighted average of 0.25% lead when used with respect to the wetted surface of pipes, pipe fittings, plumbing fittings, and fixtures”.

6. Environmentally sustainable solution

By choosing the CliniMix Lead Safe CMV2, you are choosing an environmentally sustainable product that can help reduce water and energy usage as well as administration and service/maintenance costs. It can help you save big by making the need for additional manual tap flushing and temperature checks redundant through a continuous monitoring of the TMV temperature during day-to-day use and the implementation of automatic hygiene flushes. The day-to-day data also enables you to get alerted when service/maintenance is required.

Compatible with CliniMix Temperature Monitoring and Compliance System

Assisting engineers to meet compliance obligations, the CliniMix TMV Monitoring and Compliance System will provide a high level insight into product and plumbing system performance when paired with the CliniMix Lead Safe CMV2 range of products.

Key features:

  • Wireless system delivery
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring
  • BacNet compatible
  • Cloud-based communications and data storage

Risk Management Tool

CliniMix Lead Safe CMV2 includes features for scald protection and infection control, making it ideal for use in hospitals, schools, food preparation areas and washrooms.

Key features:

  • AS 4032.4 compliant Point of Use tapware
  • Assists with management of plumbing system and control of bacterial growth
  • AHFG Type A and B healthcare basin compatibility, including leading brands of sanitaryware