How your kitchen appliances and health are interlinked

Cooking food for yourself and for your loved ones is nothing short of a therapeutic experience. With our fast paced lives, cooking well and eating healthy to maintain a balanced lifestyle has been very important for everyone. 

Everyone has their own versions of cuisines that they have adopted from their family’s cookbook, the internet or made it up themselves. Food and cooking is such an experience that can be tailor-made to everyone as per their preferences. However, the one common ground for everyone is to get all the goodness and nutrients that all the cuisines offer in order to build and maintain healthy eating habits. 

We tend to check the nutritional values of the ingredients that we consume but how many of us are actually aware that using the right kind of utensils is just as important. The cookware you use plays a key role in not only maintaining the nutritional value but also to enhance the natural flavor of the ingredients. 

With the growing awareness about the usage of right utensils and cookware for your food, people are switching and bringing back the traditional utensils we all have grown up with and have seen in our kitchens. There is a growing demand for traditional utensils instead of the cookware coated with plastics and heavy toxins. Now is the time for you to stop and check if your utensils are the right choice for you. 

Another important thing to keep in mind is how you cook your food. Is it getting burnt? Is it being over cooked? When the food is Burning or over cooking, it can take away all the goddess and the nutrients from the food. Indian cookware is not designed for uniform cooking which often leads to the bottom portion of the utensil getting burnt and affecting the longevity of the utensil. 

Have you ever wondered how your mother makes your favorite daal which tastes heavenly but when you recreate it, something seems missing. The secret is her cooker. A cooker she has been holding dear to her and has been using long before the modern utensils entered the market. Slow cooking the daal in her cooker with a touch of the aromatic tadka and of course, her love adds on to the goodness and gives you the feeling of comfort in a bowl. 

With an electric slow cooker you get to recreate your comfort food with such ease along with maintaining all the nutritional value and experience the same burst of flavors. Slow cooking is known for its benefits of offering a low-fat, healthier way of cooking that allows you to enjoy a hearty home-cooked meal without a lot of hassle as compared to boiling or frying. 

To ensure the cookware lasts longer and the food is cooked equally throughout, the triply cookware distributes heat evenly throughout the vessel ensuring there is no burning or overcooking of food at the bottom. 

When we think of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we always think about eating cleaner and healthier but it is also important to think about the cookware that would help us in our path to a healthier lifestyle. Cookware is as important as the ingredients that you choose. For the well-being of your and your family’s mind, body and soul, choosing the right toxin-free cookware is the key.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.