New kitchen appliances have style and smarts

Smart kitchens are getting smarter as global appliance brands such as Thermador push boundaries to offer new and innovative home appliances and experiences that prioritize convenience and sustainability.

“Smart technology is getting more and more refined,” says Steve Preiner, head of brand marketing for BSH Home Appliances. “Today’s kitchens are enabled with technology that can do so many things remotely. It’s brought in a whole new era of functionality and convenience that people didn’t know existed before.”

The global smart kitchen appliances market size is expected to reach US$60.19-billion by 2030, says’s recently released Smart Kitchen Appliances Market Report 2022: Surging Consumer Environmental Consciousness Driving Sector. With new technological advancements, appliances are increasing efficiency in the kitchen and reducing the time spent in cleaning and cooking. The report also reveals that “sustainability is increasingly on the minds of consumers, driving companies to adopt eco-friendliness and releasing green appliances that range from energy-saving features to minimizing carbon footprints.”

Connecting for convenience

With more than 100 years of history behind the brand, Thermador has proven to be a pioneer in appliance innovation and design. Thermador’s high-end kitchen appliances are now intelligent helpers, using smart technology to make people’s lives easier.

“Thermador is the brand of luxury appliances for people who really cook. With a combination of performance and innovative features, it appeals to cooks who want to refine their craft and impress their guests,” Preiner says.

Preiner describes how the Home Connect application is changing the way people interact with their Thermador appliances.

“Imagine you are on your terrace entertaining and you want to know if your dishwasher has finished its cycle because you need more glasses. With the Home Connect app on your smartphone, you can check to see if the cycle is complete,” Preiner says. “Or perhaps you’re at the store and you want to preheat your oven to be able to start cooking when you get home. Home Connect makes this possible.”

While consumers can still operate their kitchen appliances in the traditional way via touchscreens and buttons, they can also interact with their oven, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, or cooker hood through Home Connect. Preiner says the technology goes one step further by offering diagnostics to troubleshoot any problems that might occur, such as from forgetting to clean the filter in the dishwasher.

“Owners can have our service centre log onto their machine, run a diagnostic and identify a solution or offer important information in advance of a service call,” Preiner says.

Buyers of luxury residences have grown accustomed to smart features in their homes, says Amanda Rigitano, office director for Armour Heights Developments.

“They’re expecting those same features in their new luxury condominiums,” Rigitano says. “Our goal is to make the transition easier for our buyers by offering them all those things they’ve become accustomed to, and more.”

Michael Mazzotta, Armour Heights developer for 89 Avenue Yorkville, a new 20-storey luxury residential condominium in Toronto, makes it a priority to understand those expectations.

“I essentially start with a blank slate and get to know the buyers’ personalities and lifestyles,” Mazzotta says. “When you’re passionate about what you do, it really is rewarding,”

Channelling that passion, Mazzotta works with a dream team, including expert architect Richard Wengle and renowned designer Brian Gluckstein, to create stunning kitchens for 89 Avenue’s discriminating buyers.

Style meets function and efficiency

Buyers at 89 Avenue Yorkville may be pleasantly surprised to find La Cornue luxury ranges in a choice of eight different colours holding court in their new designer kitchen. Armour Heights is the first developer in Toronto to offer the exquisite ranges, which are handcrafted in France, as a standard option.

“They really are like a piece of jewellery for your kitchen,” Rigitano says. “They also make life easier with their state-of-the-art self-cleaning system. Every one of our purchasers falls in love with it.”

In addition to the La Cornue, residents will enjoy a standard suite of Miele appliances, including a steam oven and microwave, combining 100-per-cent steam for gentle, nutritious cooking and the rapid heat of a microwave, all in a single appliance. Steam ovens usually cook food more quickly, making them an attractive, energy-efficient solution for luxury buyers.

New technology revolutionizes how people live

Armour Heights Developments has taken luxury living to new heights at its newest condo development, 89 Avenue Yorkville, with these smart, sustainable innovations.

Automated parking system

Advanced German technology has reinvented the underground garage. At 89 Avenue, a valet parks your automobile in the state-of-the-art Wohr Multiparker. Keying in a code will place your vehicle on a pallet in the first available space. That same code retrieves your vehicle back to the main entry.

Emergency generator

The emergency generator will power the elevators, the automated parking, most common areas and interior suites. Fuelled by natural gas, the generator can run for an unlimited time.

High-speed destination elevators

Residents have access to two high-speed destination elevators with no stops as well as a separate elevator for service personnel and moving.

Mobile app

A customized mobile app lets residents connect with local restaurants, salons, spas, gyms and other boutiques and service providers. as well as the executive concierge team.

Rooftop heating and cooling

Japan is the world leader in space-saving and energy-efficient VRF (variable refrigerant flow) systems using refrigerant to eliminate the need for a cooling tower or chillers. All suites benefit from the VRF system with the horizontal units typically placed in closet ceilings, freeing up additional space.

Personal wine storage

Residents can enjoy their own climate-controlled wine storage in the resident lounge, which comes with a lock and key and space for up to 20 bottles.

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