The hottest kitchen trends for 2023, according to this designer

Light tones, a granite revival and luxury built-in appliances are paving the way in the upcoming season’s trends

When it comes to kitchen design trends, 2022 was the year of the dark cabinets, brass hardware, and enough pantry organization hacks to fill thousands of Pinterest boards.

As we ring in the new year, however, we’re in for a mood change, says Danielle Paul, president of Calgary-based design firm Designer’s Edge.

The interior design expert shares her top four predictions for kitchen design in 2023.

1. Built-in appliances will lead the charge

Paul notes that luxury built-in appliances, such as those from Signature Kitchen Suite, are a key 2023 trend. She explains that she especially loves how the integrated paneling pulls a room together in a discreet and seamless way while creating terrific flow.

“Having fully customizable appliances allows for the cabinetry to feel elongated and creates a cohesive look,” Paul says. Her top picks? First up is Signature Kitchen Suite’s PowerSteam Panel-Ready Dishwasher which can mirror the overall design and tone of the space, with customizable options that fit to any aesthetic, such as including faux drawers to match the rest of the room where necessary. Signature Kitchen Suite’s fully customizable Integrated Column Freezer and Integrated Column Refrigerator, come in a variety of sizes to meet both design and storage needs. But it’s not just looks. Behind that elegant paneling, the luxe units have innovative technology that minimizes temperature fluctuations, so the food inside stays well-preserved.

One thing we’re leaving behind in 2023 is the clunky, in-view microwave. Sure, they’re practical, but the bulky countertop contraptions and over-the-range-double-duty-fans aren’t winning any beauty competitions. Enter Signature Kitchen Suite’s Microwave Oven Drawer as a swish alternative. Built into the cabinetry so it sits flush, the deep appliance is totally unsuspecting but easy to use with the gentle press of a button to open and a slight nudge to close.

2. Sustainability is here to stay

Paul says that it’s increasingly important for her and her clients to consider the planet when renovating. Incorporating beautiful built-in Signature Kitchen Suite appliances – which are at the forefront of kitchen technology and innovation – is one way to ensure the design is sustainable. Other strategies including re-using existing pieces where you can during renovations or finding pre-loved items where possible. Investigate the use of sustainable materials, like flooring made from mushrooms (really!) and low emission paint.

3. Multi-purpose appliances will change the game

Kitchen appliances don’t need to sacrifice form for function. Take, for example, the unique Signature Kitchen Suite 48-inch Dual-Fuel Pro Range, which eliminates the need for additional appliances – but still fits as seamlessly in the space. “We are definitely in the age of the home chef and having appliances that can match those needs is crucial,” says Paul, who is also a big fan of the range’s sleek, visually appealing design. An industry first, the range features a built-in sous vide, induction and gas all on the cooktop. The range also consists of an 18-inch True Steam-Combi™ oven, which unifies convection and steam to yield gourmet-level results, and a 30-inch oven with special ProHeat™ convection technology.

4. Light and bright palettes make a welcome return

Over the last few years, moody hues – black, navy, green – have been the trendy choice for kitchen colour palettes, especially when it comes to cabinetry. In 2023, however, things are lightening up. According to Paul, white oak and warm white cabinetry mixed with wood finishes, such as micro shaker style, will feel modern and fresh.

The trend also extends to work surfaces: Paul says as far as countertop materials go, quartz, a durable engineered stone, remains most popular. However, granite is making a comeback. “I’ve seen several homeowners select granite because of the slab’s unique patterns and colours,” she says, adding that they’re leaning towards the slabs with more natural and light tones.

“Light tones and naturals are here to stay,” Paul says, noting that she’s already seeing them pop up in design schemes as the year closes. “They are on my top trend list for next year and beyond.”

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